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Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui Experts!


ImageNirupa  is one of very few  worldwide  certified Classical Feng Shui Expert and a Vaastu consultant. She is also a certified Pranic Healer, which provides spiritual essence in her line of work to deliver much better results.

Being extensively trained in metaphysical science since childhood from her grandfather, Nirupa went on to develop skills and learned ancient arts directly from world-renowned Chinese and Indian Masters that now helps her to offers her clients the unprecedented results.

After getting her Master’s degree in Architecture (Interior Design), Nirupa worked with great Architects like Dr. Laurie Baker, who is a winner of many prestigious awards including the highest Indian Civilian award “Padma Sri”.

As a child, Nirupa had taken a very special interest in anything related to metaphysical science. Reading books on various related subjects, which was her hobby, she developed a natural instinct and acquired deep sensitivity and knowledge in the ancient art Vaastu, Astrology, and Feng Shui.

To gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in design and construction of auspicious and spiritually balanced homes she studied under the best teachers, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai from Malaysia, for classical Feng Shui and Grand Master Raymond Lo from Hong Kong for Chinese Astrology (Four pillars and I-Ching), both of whom are renowned figures in the world of Feng Shui.

To understand the spiritual essence of life, she practiced various forms of spirituality, including Pranic Healing under the guidance of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, Vipassana meditation from Master S.N.Goenka, and spiritual lessons from His Holiness Dalai Lama.

Nirupa has helped clients to design and build auspicious homes, offices, and restaurants. She also provides solutions for improving family harmony, finances, health, education, business, selling/buying homes, find compatible life or business partners and selecting staff.

ImageVaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science for buildings, which aims at utilizing the natural energies for the benefit of humans by creating equilibrium between man and environment. This equilibrium provides a pleasant, balanced and harmonious environment for living and working space. A part of the Vedas, the word 'Vaastu' in Sanskrit means 'dwelling', and in the modern context it covers all buildings. Vaastu pertains to the physical, psychological and spiritual order of the built environment, in consonance with the cosmic energies. It is a study of planetary influences on buildings and the people who live in them, and aims at providing guidelines for proper construction.

Vaastu Shastra is an environment-oriented architecture which unifies the science, art, astronomy and astrology for enhancing Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Happiness. It is also called the science of direction, which combines with the five basic elements of nature (also known as Panchbhootas) to create a balanced environment. Our environment comprise of these five basic elements: Earth (Bhoomi), Water (Jala), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni) and Space (Akash). It's the presence of these five elements together that makes life possible on our planet out of nine planets in the solar system. Earth and water have limited and localized availability for the human habitat and growth and hence are apparent and fundamental choice makers in the selection of a location and the physical form of architecture and habitat. Sun, air and space are abundant and can be molded as per human needs.
According to Vaastu Shastra, Man is the subject, object and the cause of architecture. He perceives and conceives architecture in relation to his experience with the surrounding world and through the art of design, he alters and molds the elements of natural environment he inhabits. The orientation is very important in Vaastu Shastra. The basic rules of Vaastu Shastra are based on eight directions...

Four Principal Directions:

  • North (Uttara, ruled by Lord Kuber, the God of Wealth)
  • South (Dakshina, ruled by Lord Yama, the God of Death)
  • East (Purva, ruled by Lord Indra, King of Gods, and Lord Surya, the God of Sun)
  • West (Pashchima, ruled by Lord Varun, the God of Rain/Water)
Four Secondary Directions:
  • North-East (ruled by Lord Ishanya, the God of all Quarters)
  • North-West (ruled by Lord Vayu, the God of all Winds)
  • South-East (ruled by Lord Agni, the God of Fire)
  • South-West (ruled by Ancestors)
Based on these eight directions and Vaastu Purush Mandala (the Vaastu astrological chart which relates layout to orientation), Vaastu recommends
  • How to select a land for construction
  • What should be the auspicious size of the land
  • On what part of the land to construct structure
  • What is the best auspicious time to start the construction
  • How the architectural plan should be
  • Where to locate various rooms according to their usage and energy flow
  • Exterior door locations

As green designers, we at Design Build Construction Corp, specialize in homes that are in tune with Mother Nature and are economically friendly. Our Vaastu services will help you in improving the quality, value, look and feel of your home. Let us help you feel better and live a more prosperous, harmonious life today with the help of our Vaastu Design expert.


ImageFeng shui is a Chinese art and science that was developed over 3,000 years ago. The guidelines surrounding feng shui design, which have become immensely popular in the U.S. over the last decade, concerns the balance of energies in a space to ensure health and good fortune for those utilizing it.

The words, “feng shui” literally translate into English as, “wind-water.”  The ancient Chinese term is meant to reflect gently winds and clean water – a cultural sign associated with good harvest, good health and fortune for those who embrace it.

Design Build workers are experts in this ancient Taoist practice and can assist you with the design and planning of your perfect feng shui space.  We understand the Taoist beliefs and practices surrounding nature and energy and will use our knowledge and skill to design a space that will harness the most positive energy possible.

Using a compass and the Ba-Gua, common feng shui tools, we can assess the current state of your property and determine the perfect design to help improve or enhance its chi – its energy and balance with nature.

Some of these designs we create range from basic principals to complex creations. Some of the things we consider in designing feng shui spaces to ensure positive energy flow are:

  • the size and shape of the lot
  • the placement of the front door
  • placement of objects and pathways near entryways
  • ceiling height
  • appropriate lighting
  • the placement of bedrooms within a home
  • the creation of clean lines and open spaces
  • determining and harnessing “power areas” in the space
Although the creation of a new home or structure allows for maximum benefits from feng shui design, we are more than happy to design something for an existing structure.

As green designers, specializing in homes that are in tune with Mother Nature and are economically friendly, we feel that our feng shui services will only further improve the quality, value, look and feel of your home. Let us help you feel better and live a more prosperous, harmonious life today, with the help of our feng shui design experts.